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Dry Needling

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is greatly beneficial for any form of muscular pain due to a sports injury or very tight muscles due to stress. Aching computer shoulders, calf muscle tear, lower back and buttock pain are all well know injuries regularly treated using Dry Needling by our highly qualified practitioners at Therap-Eaze.  Dry Needling is extremely effective with minimal discomfort. This technique can be used with or without other therapies such as deep tissue and sports massage in our conveniently located Dublin 2 clinic!

Dry needling blends the principles of Western Medicine along with the Chinese Medicine Techniques of Acupuncture for treating muscular pain and trigger points. Although Dry Needling is not based on the philosophy of Acupuncture, it uses the same type of needles and some of the same pressure points in the body. The effect is both local (where the needle is applied) and general, causing relaxation and an overall sense of wellbeing.


Dry Needling at 

Therap-Eaze, Dublin 2.


Telephone: 01-6111444




Dry Needling-

30mins: Now €50

45mins: Now €60

60mins: Now €75

90mins: Now €95


Benefits of Dry Needling

  • Dry needling stimulates the body's endorphin system, causing a release of the natural pain killing hormones that the body secretes.
  • By receiving a stimulus other than the deep ache, your nervous system is able to reprogram itself to stop receiving a pain impulse.
  • When dry needling is directly applied to the trigger points it causes a release in the muscle spasm at this motor point (the nerve enters the muscle at the motor point and gives the 'contract' command).


Contact us today and see why Therap-Eaze is considered one of the best Dry Needling clinics in Dublin 2.


Why choose Therap-Eaze?

  • At Therap-Eaze we tailor each Dry Needling treatment to ensure you are getting the absolute most out of your treatment!
  • For no extra charge, we can incorporate either Deep Tissue Massage or Sport Massage into your Dry Needling session!
  • Our conveniently located Dublin 2 address means we are easily assessable
  • All therapists at Therap-Eaze who are qualified to practice Dry Needling, are trained to the absolutely highest standard from some of the finest Dublin, UK and worldwide based educational institutions.


Dry Needling  is recognised by most major Irish Health Insurance Companies. Should you wish to claim back your Dry Needling treatments with your chosen Insurance Company, please ensure when booking your appointment at Therap-Eaze, you specifically request a therapist at our clinic  in Dublin who is capable of administering 'Health Insurance Receipts'.


Furthermore, we strongly advise you familiarise yourself with your current Health Insurance Plan PRIOR to booking your appointment at Therap-Eaze in Dublin to ensure Dry Needling is covered. Some, but not all Health Insurance Plans accepts Health Insurance Receipts for Dry Needling. Therap-Eaze in Dublin is more than happy to administer Health Insurance Receipts for Dry Needling upon request. 


Please Note: If you are late for your Dry Needling appointment, it is possible that you may lose time from your treatment and be charged the full amount. Our busy therapists have an obligation to start the next scheduled appointment on time. Should you need to cancel/change an appointment, 24hours notice is required by contacting our clinic in Dublin direclty, otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% of your treatment will incur. We appreciate your understanding.


If you have not attended our clinic in Dublin before, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before your scheduled Dry Needling appointment. This will give you time to familiarise yourself with the location of our clinic in Dublin, to fill out your Consultation Form and  to also enjoy one of delicious Herbal Teas in our tranquil reception area.


Dry Needling

at Therap-Eaze 

 Dublin 2.


Telephone: 01-6111444





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Dry Needling
Dry Needling
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